Holidays in The Netherlands

Canal City Flute Quartet feels it is important to engage in the holidays of the countries we are from. At the end of April and the beginning of May, there are three national holidays in The Netherlands: Kingsday (April 27), Remembrance Day (May 4), and Liberation Day (May 5). Because of the coronavirus quarantine, we decided to make more videos!


Kingsday is the celebration of King Willem-Alexanders birthday. Every year on this day, cities turn into one giant party on the street, there are big street markets filled with food and other goods.. Dress code? ORANGE! Why? Because of the first Dutch King whose name was Willem of Orange, making orange a national color.
This year Kingsday (Koningsdag) was renamed to Home-stay Day (Woningsdag) due to the coronavirus. So we decided to celebrate it from our leaving rooms with the National Anthem, Het Wilhelmus, traditionally played on this day by all musicians of The Netherlands.

arrangement: Mirna Ackers
visuals: Alex Tkaboca

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is the day we remember the victims of the Second World War. Usually, a memorial service is held outside near a war monument, but today, due to the coronavirus, we have to create our own in our homes. After the 2 minutes of silence at 20h, the Wilhelmus is played. With this video we would like to bring the Wilhelmus to your home.
Pass on the freedom!

arrangement: Mirna Ackers
visuals: Mirna Ackers

Liberation Day

The day we celebrate our freedom! Freedom, Liberty, Libertad… Libertango!
Freedom is a strange word for today, maybe… But we still feel very much free in our imagination, spirit, love towards music and to each other!

arrangement: Mirna Ackers
visuals: Rama Kumaran
dancemoves: Ema Bajc
improvs: Alex Tkaboca and Rama Kumaran

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